Data Analysis & Customer Projects

You are looking for a senior project manager with experience in protein analysis and proteomics?

Proteome Consult can offer you the expertise you need to conclude proteomics projects successfully.

Our spectrum of methods ranges from structure/function studies of membrane protein complexes and protein purification to large scale proteomics projects.

Our core competences lie in project management, training and staff guidance, sample preparation, automation and data mining.

Subjects of concluded proteomics projects comprised pre-clinical research, toxicology and the protein composition of a food product.

Core Methods:

  • High resolution 2D-NEPHGE & IPG-2D-technique.
  • Comparative quantification of protein expression within matchsets of >250 gels.
  • Protein identification: MALDI MFP and PSD, nano-LC-ESI-MS, MS/MS.
  • Sequencing: Edman, MS/MS.
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