Outdated Databases for Testing

NCBInr Human Subset
NCBInr Mouse Subset
NCBInr Rat Subset

Out-dated releases of taxa-sorted NCBInr databases of human, mouse and rat may be downloaded for testing purposes via the hyperlinks on this page.

The sequence information contained in the databases is that of January, 2011. It will not be updated in future releases of this website.



Up-dated releases of taxa-sorted NCBInr databases can be ordered for a small fee.

Taxa-sorted NCBInr databases can be provided on a subscription basis as well as an one time shipment.

Data can be provided on CD-ROM and send via FedEx or downloaded via a download-link from a webserver.

Please, use the contact form to provide your contact details and specify your preferences and requirements. We will be happy to provide you with a quote for this service.