31.10.2011 - Due to the termination of services of WITA GmbH proteomics training courses and high-throughput MALDI protein identification will be discontinued. Proteome Consult currently searches for new partners for these services. All other laboratory services as well as bioinformatic services remain unaffected.

5.7.2011 - Proteome Consult concludes 2D-NEPGHE-gel data evaluation of a kidney cancer study. 32 potential cancer markers were suggested for protein identifiation.

13.1.2011 - Proteome Consult finalizes scripts for extracting taxa-sorted databases in FASTA-format from NCBInr protein sequence database. The extracted databases are useful for speeding up Mascot searching. Increases in search speed of more than 10-fold are observed for small databases on older hardware. Speed gains of approx. three-fold - for an average-sized database, can be expected on the latest hardware. Extracted databases for human, mouse and rat are available for testing. Please inquire.

16.11.2010 - Proteome Consult finalizes script development for reporting of automated high-throughput MALDI protein identification data. The script allows the automatic creation of a sorted, hyperlinked report from batch-searched MASCOT data.

27.3.2009 - WITA GmbH and Proteome Consult sign an extended co-marketing agreement. Under the appointment Protome Consult obtains an exclusive worldwide license to offer setup & success fee pricing for peptide mass fingerprinting protein identifcation projects.

23.10.2008 - Proteome Consult concludes the development of a VBA and Perl-based statistical evaluation module for 2D-gel analysis at the Federal Institute for Riskassessment (Berlin, Germany).

24.04.2008 - The Federal Institute for Riskassessment (Berlin, Germany) and Proteome Consult sign short-term contract.

19.11.2007 - WITA GmbH and Proteome Consult finalize contract research proteomics study: "Identification of stimulated protein alterations in Lotus japonicus tissue". Match-set: 18 high-resolution 2D-NEPHGE gels (20x30cm), 10 variant proteins identified.

24.07.2007 - WITA GmbH and Proteome Consult finalize contract research proof of principle study: "Isolation and identification of nuclear proteins from IDC-tissue".

26.03.2007 - WITA GmbH and Proteome Consult finalize contract research proteomics study: "Identification of Disease Markers for Intra-Ductal-Carcinoma". Two match-sets: 88 and 87 high-resolution 2D-NEPHGE gels (20x30cm), 49 variant proteins identified.

31.11.2006 - WITA GmbH & Proteome Consult finalize contract research assay development: "A quantitative IEF-Assay as a means of quality control of antibody production charges".

30.10.2006 - WITA GmbH and Proteome Consult finalize contract research proteomics study: "Identification of Tetracyclin induced proteome changes in Progenitor B-cells". Match-set: 14 high-resolution 2D-NEPHGE gels (20x30cm), 16 protein alterations identified.

24.10.2006 - WITA GmbH and Proteome Consult finalize contract research proteomics study: "Identification of Disease Markers for Pre-eklampsia". Match-set: 16 high resolution 2D-NEPHGE gels (20x30cm), 12 variant proteins identified.

22.08.2006 - Proteome Consult finalizes assay development for WITA GmbH: Implementation of an 1D-SDS-PAGE-based assay for quantitative protein determination of 2D-gel samples.

18.06.2006 - WITA GmbH and Proteome Consult finalize protein analytical contract research study: "Analysis of an immune stimmulative drug".

17.02.2006 - WITA GmbH and Proteome Consult sign contract. Under the appointment Proteome Consult will offer all services to WITA GmbH on a non-exclusive basis.

1.02.2006 - Proteome Consults Website achives full Full W3C-Compatibility and a constant Google page rank of 5. A revised bilingual (English/German) version of the site is announced for March 2006.

21.09.2005 - New consulting packages targeting to improve laboratory procedures for MALDI-MS protein identification and 2D-gel image analysis are introduced. Both packages solve common tasks of the 2D-gel based proteomics process.

19.09.2005 - A new version of the Proteome Consult website will be released within days.

28.08.-1.09.2005 - Dr. Wacker will be attending the HUPO - 4th Annual World Congress in Munich. You may contact him at the booths of WITA GmbH or Proteome Factory AG. He is looking forward to meeting you!

14.01.2005 - Proteome Consult partners with Ludesi AB (Lund, Sweden)
Dr. Wacker comments:
High resolution 2D-gel technique and Ludesi 2D-gel data analysis services will be the cutting edge in upcoming state of the art proteomics projects. This approach has the potential to resolve and quantify each of the >10000 protein spots which can be visualized by high-resolution 2D-gel technique. Ludesi software hereby contributes by state of the art spot quantification and matching combined with high throughput for large proteomics match sets.