Project Management & IT-Services for 

Technology Transfer & Bioanalytics

Consulting Services

Proteome Consult provides market- and project management experience as well as scientific advice to companies and institutes engaging in protein analysis & proteomics.

We support you in planning your projects, specify suited methods, optimize procedures and set up time schedules and cost projections for protein analytical or related projects. We identify and involve suited industrial as well as academic project partners and coordinate project planning toward the preparation of an executable project plan which we embed into a cooperation agreement.

For all who outsource protein analytical tasks, we offer project management from project design to report.

For institutes and companies already engaged in protein analysis we offer our expertise to help equip new laboratories or optimize experimental procedures on-site.

Data Analysis & Software Development

Proteome Consult offers high quality data evaluation services with experience in matching hundreds of high resolution 2D-gels with spot contents of 5000 spots and more to a single, annotatable proteome database. Statistically significant differences in protein expression can evaluated in order to select the most relevant spots for protein identification or sequencing.

Protein identification data and protein sequencing data can be evaluated from raw data (Maldi-MS-fingerprinting, MS/MS-spectra, Edman-Sequencing) on request.

We compile reports, deliver expert opinion and implement scripts & macros for data conversion, data evaluation and presentation, please inquire!


Proteome Consult designs and executes protein analytical projects together with industry partners or public research institutes according to customer specific requirements.

We follow up on project progress, take corrective and supportive action - if needed, and evaluate, summarize and interprete results according to a customer-specified research objective.

Project management by Proteome Consult is targeted to deliver state of the art results. Our partnering strategy allows to take advantage of various technology platforms and enables us to adapt our solutions according to customer needs.

Bioinformatic Services

Supplementing the existing Melanie/ImageMaster (GeneBio) and Redfin (Ludesi) platforms, Proteome Consult based 2D-Gel data evaluation now also includes Delta2D 4.X (Decodon) data evaluation on 64bit-Windows platforms.

Proteome Consult has developed scripts for extracting taxa-sorted databases in FASTA-format from NCBInr protein sequence database. Taxa-sorted databases are useful for speeding up Mascot searching since they are small enough to be held in RAM. Increases in search speed of more than 10-fold are observed for small databases on older hardware. Speed gains of approx. three-fold can be expected on the latest hardware. Taxa-sorted databases for human, mouse and rat are available for testing.

New Service

  Technology Transfer Services

Proteome Consult engages in fostering technology transfer projects supporting the setup and development of national quality infrastructures in EU-partner countries (IPA and ENP). A portfolio of new services will be introduced in an upcoming release of this website in May 2017.