Consulting Services

Laboratory Set up

Proteome Consults assists you to set up your own protein analytical laboratory.

We advise you to put you in the position to select the most suited equipment for your research task, support you to implement, improve or debug experimental protocols and train your staff to make full use of newly implemented techniques.

We look forward to support you in solving your challenges!

Laboratory Procedures

"2D-gel evaluation revised" - Strategies to optimize 2D-gel spot quantification

If you are missing out on the most interesting spot groups in your gels there are quite a choice of parameters which might need to be optimized. A close expert look into your sample preparation procedures, 2D-gel methology, software assisted spot quantification & matching strategy will help you to achieve your research objectives.

"HSC-Protein Mass Fingerprinting" - Improved Sequence Coverage for MALDI-MS protein identification

MALDI-mass-fingerprinting is the method of choice for proteome wide protein identification, combining sub-fmol-sensitivity with sample throughputs of >1000 samples per instrument & day.

A high proteome wide protein ID success rate requires, especially for proteins of smaller size, to avoid any preventible loss of characteristic peptides. Unfortunately, many MALDI-MS gel sample preparation protocols do not address this problem adequately .

Our newly developed High-Sequence-Coverage- protein mass fingerprinting protocol will help you to boost your identification success by exposing more diverse peptides on the Maldi-target, resulting in higher sequence coverage, i.e. higher identification probability and a more significant MASCOT-Score.

Since our HSC-protocol is less complicated than other MALDI-MS sample preparation protocols it is simpler to automate and since it does not involve C18-materials of any kind, it will furthermore ease the strain on your budget for consumables.