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Project Management

Proteome Consult offers management for protein-analytical projects and proteomics projects from project plan to report. We reliably execute all organisational and scientific tasks concerning project design, project control and reporting.

We provide project planning, suggest scientific strategies and methods, cooperation partners and subcontractors and execute your project within the framework of a customer specific cooperation agreement (Proteome Consult Projects).

Proteome Consult can draw on long standing experience in managing projects in protein analysis and proteomics.

Our expertise is based on the successful execution of studies targeted to clarify reaction mechanisms, drug-target finding and proteome inventories using various pharmaceutically or nutraceutically relevant biological materials, ranging from plant to human tissues.


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Proteome Consult Project Option

Under this appointment scheme Proteome Consult will take full responsibility for the outcome of a customer project.

We follow up on the project progress, analyze and interprete data, take corrective action - if required, and present the results according to your preferences as report, inhouse presentation or telefone conference.

Proteome Consult will repeat at its own expenses any service that does not fulfil a pre-defined quality.

Refunds will be given should Proteome Consult fail to deliver the contracually guaranteed quality.

This option requires a project plan designed or approved by Proteome Consult.

Please inquire to receive a cooperation agreement according to your specific needs!